Emails Sent to Jimmy Brogan from audience members

Dear Mr. Brogan,
I saw you last April at the Ice House in Pasadena, and last Sunday at the Comedy and Magic Store in Hermosa Beach. You were FANTASTIC both times. Absolutely wonderful. Phenomenal. UNFORGETTABLE.
Thanks for brightening two of my days.
Kathy (Ryan) Andrews

Jimmy! Fantastic show tonight at the C&M in Hermosa. So wonderful to see the master in action and work the hilarious ad-libs and come backers. Really nice! And I so appreciate your clean comedy... no stooping to cheap, blue laughs, just pure humor and clever intellect- a breath of fresh air. You had me at "The Whom." I laughed so hard I was glad I was wearing my Depends protective undergarments.
Thanks for all the laughs tonight and over the years! Truly marvelous.
Jimmy Hodson

Thank you for making my parents laugh so much last night at the Comedy & Magic Club. My parents were the ones from Tempe, AZ seated towards your left, where my Mom mentioned "The Golden Years were not as good to her as were expected." She's been suffering from sciatica for three years and it's been difficult on the whole family.  I had not seen Mom & Dad laugh that hard in a long, long time.
Federico E. de los Santos

We saw you last night at The Laugh Factory and you were amazing! It's incredible how sharp, witty and quick on your feet you are, and you worked the room like no one else. I am sure you the other comedians were green with envy.
Thank you for making us laugh til we had tears rolling down our faces.
You are such a special talent.
Much love and all the best!

We've seen you twice in Hermosa, brought friends the second time. You're so quick, hilarious, when you interact with audience members. Thanks for good shows!
Barbara Hallett

Jim, saw you at the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic club last Saturday for the anniversary celebration. You were hands down the best comic there.
Christine Conradt

I saw your show at the Comedy and Magic Club with Jay and thought you worked the crowd like a charm....I'm working in CA. for 9 months and living in Redondo Beach and I'll be returning May 25th to see you again when my wife comes to visit...
Gary Cullen

Jim - caught your act the other night at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. You were terrific! You have a real talent. Especially liked how quick witted you are when you interact with the audience. Will definitely go see you again. Thanks Jim! Best wishes to you and yours. 
Steve Blong

Saw your show before Jay on June 17th in the Comedy & Magic Club and it was awesome. It's just great how you interact with the audience :-)
Greetings from Germany,
Sebastian Moench

Jimmy! You are so fast and funny. Love seeing you open for Jay, always a great show. The audience Q&A is fun ... and unpredictable. Your supersonic timing is smooth as silk. Keep it up, and we'll keep on coming! Thanks for the laughs.
LA Woman Cali

Hey Jim...Saw you Dec 10th @ Comedy and Magic Club, great stuff.  I tell all my friends to check you out. My wife and I will be back to see you again!

Just wanted to say hi and thank you for making me laugh on my 40th birthday this past October 9th...It was one of the greatest celebrations I've ever had.
Mystery Mike Hennessey

I ran into a comedy teacher by the name of Greg Dean. We bounced some names around. I am now a 1st AD/ Producer, but back in 1991 (yikes) I was the showroom manager for the Santa Monica Improv. There were two things that struck me about Jim. One is his effortless style of comedy. The others is he was easily one of the nicest comics that came to that place.
I wish him continued success.
Tommy Burke

Just wanted to say Hi!  Saw Jim last night (again) at the Comedy and Magic Club's 30th B Day party bash.  Jim was funny as always.
Roy and Sherry Hornaday

Hi Jim. I've been watching the Tonight show for years now, even taped a lot of the shows. I just want to let you know how much I admire you. Those bits where you and Jay do the bet thing on the jokes that bomb, that was hilarious. I especially loved the jokes you've written, singled out and referred to sometimes by Jay, like when the joke gets a laugh but is rough so it gets a boo at the same time, and Jay yells "Don't blame me, he wrote it!". Loved that. All in all, you're nothing short of BRILLIANT. Very, very funny. You're an idol of comedy-writing to me. Thanks for what you have given comedy fans over the years. Regards, Your Fan.
Saudi Arabia

You are one of the uniquely funniest men and finest comedians that we have ever had the privilege to enjoy live. Your audience interaction is superb. You are as nice as you are funny. Your rapier wit, charm and self deprecating sense of humor endeared you to Mary and me as well as an extraordinarily appreciative audience. Hope to see you soon.
Rick Majerus & Mary Almo

I saw you perform at Pine Mountain Club. You were great as usual.
Bruce Popkin

Hi Jim,
It's time we order our tickets again soon for you and Jay and another great night of fun. We enjoy catching the Sunday show every couple months and also plan to see Mort Sahl in a couple weeks.
We always enjoy the monologue material and especially your banter with the audience.
Keep up the great work... glad you're at the club
Adrienne Merrill

Have enjoyed your shows in Hermosa, especially the audience interactions.
Will bring visitor from UK to Jay's show in Sept and hope you are still appearing, too.
Jerry & Arlene Hopponen

Jimmy is the greatest! Anytime you have an opportunity to see him live, go for it!
Brenda Schinke

Saw Jim open for Leno at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach and he was great. He totally played off the audience, and was actually more entertaining that Leno

Just letting you know I'm a big fan. Richard Lewis, who's been my best friend for over 40 years, took me to I believe Catch A Rising Star a zillion years ago and you were on the bill and I saw you perform many times at The Improv in LA - nobody ever worked a crowd better. 
Barry Friedman

You are the best improv comedian I have ever seen.
Mike - AJW Celebrity Services

Jimmy Brogan remains the best ad-lib comedian in the country, period.
Fun to watch, always!
Aqua Bar Man

I always loved your no routine,routine. You never swore and you made us laugh...and I'm going back to Catch a Rising Star days.  Thanks for being one of the reasons I love New York City.   
Brian Rutherford

remember you from open mics at The Other End in 1976, doing your schoolboy shtick with the books under your arm, always the funniest guy in the room.
Freddy Blohm

Do you have a schedule online somewhere? or, do you just float around from place to your brilliant act?
Telling you that you are funny is like telling you that you are tall.
You are very funny. And a bit tall too. I've seen you perform live so I know this, unless the stage adds a few inches.
I really appreciate your humor. Consider this a pat on the back, unless you don't like to be touched - then maybe a thumbs up will do.
Thanks for sharing the humor.

You were great last night in Hermosa Beach....never missed a beat! We really enjoyed it, thanks. I'll have to check out Bridemaids.... :)

Kira Limongelli

Dear Jimmy,
I wish you still toured and came to Atlanta. When you were here I would go every night and take different friends because the show was never the same each night. I love your quick and agile wit. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as at your shows. Just wanted to thank you again....I still remember some of your quips!
All the best,
Amy Linton

Thanks for the great evening at the comedy and magic club tonight.
My friend and I are visiting from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center near DC.
But now we are on temporary assignment here in Palmdale working at the Dryden Research Center. We are testing an instrument to measure Carbon Dioxide from space so our work involves many hours flying time, data analysis and stress.
Anyway, your routines were exactly what we needed.
Thanks again
Clark Weaver

Hi Jimmy,
We were in the audience at the Comedy and Magic Club on Sunday night, and wonder whether you ever perform out here in the Denver area. We loved your performance and want more!!!
Thanks Jimmy,
Barbra Weidlein
Boulder, Colorado

Hi Jimmy.
I came to the Comedy and Magic Show last night and thought you were terrific!  I am from Canada, here in LA on business with several colleagues.
Keep it up. You're amazing!
Anne Spear

Jimmy Brogan is a National Treasure. If you haven't caught his standup, I recommend you do so when possible. He can ACTUALLY be funny without dropping the F-Bomb :) I love that!
Kathy Burtness

clean comedian Jimmy Brogan, accept no substitutes

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