Jay Leno

I’m a big fan of clean comedy…Jim is a master of that.  He can work any kind of audience.

Joe Piscopo 
Jimmy! What an awesome set last night! You are at the top of your game...absolutely better than ever! What a joy to see you kill like you did! You have always been hysterically funny and a World Class Guy - So great to see you, my friend.

Fred Willard
Got to see you perform twice this year. You are a very funny man.

Billy Gardell
A pleasure watching you work last night.

The Unknown Comic - Murray Langston
Having worked with Jimmy many times, he will always be one of my favorites, if not my favorite to work with.

Brad Upton
It was a pleasure watching the Master work this evening!

Tom Dreesen
Jim Brogan.  Good friend. Good photographer. Great Comedian. 

Wendy Liebman
You are the funniest man with no act!  You get funnier every time I see you!

Eddie Brill, Comedian & Letterman Show Talent Coordinator

I use you as an example (as I did this Saturday day during my seminar) to the comics when it comes to watching the masters who can work a crowd. You and Paula Poundstone taught me so much about working the crowd.

Judy Carter
Jimmy, you were awesome at the Ice House reunion.  I hadn't seen you work in a long time and it was great seeing the master play.

Randy Kagan


Gilbert Esquivel


Tracey MacDonald
Jim is hilarious and I was lucky enough to work with him at the Comedy and Magic Club. You are fantastic!

Michael Markman
Funny, wise, gentle, vulnerable, sharp, impish, personable, class act. The guy knows funny.  Makes funny.  Is funny.

Steve Young, Philadelphia Comedy Works.
the funniest (nicest) man never to play my club

Marian Kelly
You know, your name has come up in so many conversations among comics. Everyone agrees that working off the audience is a very difficult and risky way to do standup, and that almost nobody does it well -- except for Jimmy Brogan. You are known (among your others accolades) as the one guy who can do a killer set while chatting up the crowd.

Courtney Fox Taylor
I don't know if I told you how blessed I felt to have you come out to my show - the audience feedback I've been getting all weekend is all praise for you. You are so gifted and to share the stage with you was such an honor for me and the other comics.

Danny Curtis
I always told everyone that you had the best and funniest act working the audience. Lot of guys tried and it was so so but I loved the way you did it.

Jenn Doucette
Hey Jim,
Just got back from the Christian Comedians Association conference in California where you delighted us with your comedic genius. Thanks so much for your presentation and for sharing your comedy with us. It was definitely a highlight.

Cory Clarke
Hello Jimmy. I just wanted to say "thanks" for teaching the workshop at the last CCA conference on "Your Opening Joke". As a new comedian I learned a ton, and your workshop was my favorite!
Thanks for taking the time do that!

Curtis Lofgren
Mr. Brogan,
    Back in 1993 or 94, can't remember that well anymore, I was just a year past 40, wanting to "resume" my tremendous comedy career, and submitted some monologue material to you when you were head writer for Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Thinking that nothing would ever happen to my submission, like so many of my previous efforts, I was shocked, dumbfounded and very, very touched when I got a phone call...a PHONE CALL...from you a few days later.
Instead of hearing something like, "Just who the *^$%$#* do you think you are?", you told me how to go about submitting material, from signing a contract with Big Dog Productions, to the usage of part or entire jokes, to what Jay was looking for.
    Although my time with Big Dog was ....short?...I always remembered how kind and professional you were to me and how most people in a job like yours may have just thrown the material away, kept it and used it without acknowledgment, or worse yet....put your OWN name on it.
I know it's been a few years(!), please accept my thank you for being someone who has probably done the same thing for other fledgling writers...I really thought you were the picture of class!
    Thanks and good luck to you and your family.

C Andrew Nelson
"I would just like to say that I have always admired you as a comedian. Very few people can work a room the way you do (and keep the jokes clean). You were great inspiration to me when I started out in comedy, so when you're name popped up in the Facebook friend finder I knew I had to drop you a note to say hello and to thank you."

Justin N. Fennell
    Thanks again for coming over to speak to the group at the CCA. Nice of you to join too.
    You are SO talented. You accomplished in your session what used to waste two nights in helping the comics review their routines.

Amy Blackwell
Hello Jimmy,
I am hoping you remember me from the CCA conference. I did the Kingman jokes. I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the lesson you gave. It was a pleasure meeting you and having the opportunity to glean some GREAT information from you and your experience. I hope this finds you well. Please take care and I hope to see you at the next Christian Comedy Association event.
God Bless

Ian Abramson - #1
    So I'm sure you get these all the time, but I know I'd regret it if I didn't send my own fan letter.
    I saw you a couple months back at the Laugh Factory, you were hosting.
    Most of the comedians made me laugh, Dane Cook was the "surprise guest," or whatever it was called, but the the thing that really stuck with me was you. You've got such a GENUINE sense of humor, and obvious appreciation for the craft. I'm just starting to get into stand-up, performing, and watching and all that, and I was just amazed how nicely you fit into the world of stand-up, while also obviously having a different idea of what comedy can look like than a lot of the people you work with (As evidenced by the Steve Allen book in your picture)
    I would feel like I missed an opportunity if I didn't at least ask for your advice on stand-up. You've got such a sincere, in-the-moment, persona, while still clearly being able to perform material you must have scrutinized over. I would appreciate any advice you would have for someone looking to get started.
    Again, thank you for really maintaining YOUR comic sensibilities, while still adapting to whatever the world of comedy looks like. If I hadn't seen you, I wouldn't have thought it could be done so nicely!
    Thank you

Ian Abramson - #2
Hey Jimmy!
    Last year you were nice enough to let me call you, and answer all my questions about stand-up as a craft, and a business.
That really meant the world to me, and I just wanted to tell you that a year later it still means a lot. Since then, I've been performing, and writing every day, with the advice you gave in the back of my head.
    Based on your profile picture, I picked up Steve Allen's "How to be Funny," and read every word. When he mentioned you in such a complimentary way, I was shocked, and absolutely excited for you.
    I just wanted to thank you again, and let you know that I think about you, and your comedy often. You're a great example to us just starting out how treating people with kindness, and working hard in this industry pays off.
    Thanks for everything, and I hope you're doing well.

Zara Mizrahi
Hey Jimmy!
Was such a pleasure meeting you last night at M-Bar.  Absolutely loved your set (or lack thereof).  Kept me giggling throughout.
You kicked ass in Bridesmaids. Keep up the fantastic work!

Bob Rudd
You're one of the gods on Mount Olympus of comedy writers and comedians.

Tom Riehl
You are a class act and deserve all the great accolades you get from all those who know you.  Always a pleasure watching you work.

Bill Word
Jimmy, it was a honor to work with you last night.

Steve Allen
(from his book, "Make 'Em Laugh): Ad-libbing with audiences: “Jim Brogan would be a good example. He's very fast and witty and says fresh, inventive things. Not just preset, cookie-cutter jokes that he's done before but fresh lines actually based on the feedback he's getting from the audience.”

Mike Saccone
Steve Allen got it right!  Jimmy has what I call "Fred Astairism."  Which means he is incredibly entertaining and makes it look effortless.




clean comedian Jimmy Brogan, accept no substitutes


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