Time Magazine
 “People who go to the improvisational comedy clubs in New York City and Los Angeles know that Jimmy Brogan is probably the best comic to hit that circuit since Robin Williams.”

Los Angeles Times
 “...Brogan is an absolute master at interacting with the crowd.”

San Francisco Examiner
 “Brogan is bright, funny and absolutely clean in his humor.”

LA Style Magazine
“Folksy and family oriented, like Jay Leno’s,
it’s faster and maybe even funnier...”

Los Angeles Magazine
 “...Genuinely witty without being abrasive...
little bit of Steve Allen, little bit of Newhart,
but still his own unique approach.”

Laff Track Magazine
 “...A unique combination of self-deprecating charm
and a razor sharp wit.”

Pasadena Weekly
“He plays the audience like an orchestra and he creates a symphony.”

Los Angeles City Beat
“The funniest audience-interactive comic in the business”

Our Sunday Visitor
“Notre Dame’s Funniest Grad…In all his stockpile of jokes there was not one of them which could be called offensive.  Brogan’s wit tends to be quick and sharp, but it is never a put-down that could leave you with hurt feelings.”

Time Magazine
 “...a stand-up comedian admired by other comedians...”

Muskegon Chronicle
"...Brogan artfully enticed the audience, even the balcony, into an hysterical dialogue that turned into a laughfest..."

Vallejo Times Herald
“…Brogan’s act is cleaner than Adrian Monk’s kitchen table.”

Los Angeles Magazine
"In an age where those seven dirty words are everywhere, this Tonight Show writer promotes the warm, fuzzy and clean side of comedy."

Ventura County Reporter
“…a sharp but clean act…”

Morristown Citizen Tribune
“…had the audience roaring…hysterical.”

Pasadena Weekly
“…amazing ability to riff off of audience members
to produce gales of laughter.”

The Cheers – Online Magazine
“…Jimmy Brogan is still King of  ‘playing the crowd.’ ”

Tidings - So. California’s Catholic Weekly
“…delighted everyone with his audience participation humor”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
“...played the crowd like a pro...”

New York Daily News

New York Daily News Magazine
“...manages to balance precise humor with a likeable personality.”

The Wave of Long Island
“...a very 'now', very refreshing comic…”

Chicago Tribune
“...a keen sense of joke writing and timing…”

Glendale News-Press
“Jay Leno said, ‘I’m a big fan of clean comedy…Jim is a master of that. 
He can work any kind of audience.’ ”

clean comedian Jimmy Brogan, accept no substitutes

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